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Meet the Chiropractor

Meet The Chiropractor

"I woke up one summer morning in the summer of 1986 when I heard very clearly, 'you're going to be a chiropractor'. I did not question it. I went to the library that morning and tried to find information on this profession I was about to have a tremendous amount of passion for. Sadly, the library had one 4 page pamphlet. Back then, the brochure listed the intense training for the program and once graduated, expect to work at least 60 hours a week and get paid very little. I didn't care, this was what I was here for.

While attending NYCC, I became more intrigued about nutrition. I changed my diet drastically and began an intense body building program. Six weeks before competition, I experienced a horrific unrelenting migraine, right shoulder pain, nausea and constipation. Still attending classes, getting adjusted by many chiropractors, this unbearable discomfort was not letting up. I sought out another chiropractor on campus who did something very different. She muscle tested me. I had severe pain at T4 (related to the gallbladder located in the middle of the spine near the upper part of the shoulder blades) She told me I had gallstones and was going to need to eat rice and extra virgin olive oil for 3 days, lay on my right side in an elevated position for 3 days and take these supplements for 6 months. I did. My body responded quickly to this approach.

I was blown away by how quickly this chiropractor was able to determine what was wrong and how to address it. No surgery needed! I thought to myself, I really need to learn this technique.

Here I am today, utilizing the same chiropractic and nutritional evaluation that saved me from having my gallbladder removed. Over the past 17 plus years, I have been able to help many patients who are seeking safe and healthy ways to balance their body.

And it doesn't stop there. Over the years, due to stressors, I have experienced a peptic ulcer, herniated and bulging discs, severe immune deficiencies, such as fevers, colds, flus, infections, just like a lot of my patients. Doctors are not invincible. We go through many of the same things our patients do. I share my experiences and ways that I have bounced back. Chiropractic care, first and foremost is my go to for my health care needs. In addition to my weekly wellness adjustments, I may need to add one or two more visits in to my chiropractor to keep me in my office!"

I get adjusted to be healthy!

Dr. Kelly A. Chwojdak


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